America’s Travel Companies is celebrating more than 20 years as a Host Agency. We do not sell retail travel. Our dedicated business operation is focused on the support and administrative assistance of our Independent Travel Agents. We have experienced customer service representatives with a combined 75+ years in the industry. They will work with you to help guide and grow your business. As each of you are unique, we offer individualized training programs to match your needs.

America’s Travel Companies was launched in 1995 in response to an ever growing need, and opportunity, in the travel business. As more and more entrepreneurs became interested in the business, a few agencies offered referral payments and outside agent commissions to potential sales people. However, the strength of their agency business remained the direct bookings of travel by their inside agents, frequently in direct competition with their referral sales people.
America’s Travel Companies recognized the need and potential of expertly trained, home based agents consolidating under a single host agency. America’s Travel Companies was built on the unique concept of training, support, fulfillment and success of the Independent Travel Agent. No longer would aspiring agents compete with the home agency or be treated as a non-professional by the industry. ATC Independent Travel Agents have the same opportunities and enjoy the same benefits available to agency “insiders” and are held in great respect by industry vendors. After more than 20 years as a host agency, our programs have evolved and strengthened, but our original concept remains steadfast – the success of our ITAs. Many of our original agents, who are still proud ITAs of America’s Travel Companies, join us in welcoming you to the World Class Host agency – America’s Travel Companies.
America's Travel Companies


Award winning cruise booking system, allows you to compare sailings from up to five cruise lines side-by-side, empowering you to easily search, sell, book and manage cruise vacations – all in one system. Easily email searches to your customers, allowing them the opportunity to see their ship details, destinations, etc., with your call to action on every page. We book and sell all cruise lines, from small river cruises to large ocean cruises.

Award winning leisure travel booking engine, with more than 50 travel suppliers in destinations all over the world. You’ll have access to research, market and sell profitable vacation packages, with exclusive promotion and value opportunities. Create personalized vacation packages for your clients that include air, hotel and car rental accommodations available from 50 leisure-focused travel suppliers in destinations all over the world, from Las Vegas to Tahiti.

Our hotel booking tool displays more than a million properties, combining rates for preferred, wholesale and discount rates, while allowing you to save time by searching across all platforms for the best prices for your customers.

Combining all elements of travel results in higher potential earnings.


We offer you a unique opportunity with over 3,500 specialty cruise departures that sail around the world. Choose from hosted sailings, including private car and driver amenities for your discerning traveler, that offer the trip of a lifetime exclusive features.

For that little something extra to wow and delight, we have access to cruise sailings with itineraries that span the globe offering exclusive amenities ranging from shipboard credits, specialty dining offers, prepaid gratuities, and more.

If it’s culinary you’re interested in, your food and wine enthusiasts will be inspired by our range of culinary themed sailings onboard premium and luxury cruise lines.

Whatever your pace, we have the connections. The concept of our cruise group space program is to provide you the opportunity to add a little something extra to your clients for their business. We provide you all the perks and promotions to compete in this fast-paced business. But we don’t stop there! In addition to cruise space, we offer several other tour packages and group space for all your needs.

Sometimes as few as 5 rooms on a land vacation may afford you the opportunity to travel free. We have the advantage in the travel business due to our excellent track record and supplier relationships. Let us show you how!

Of course, we aren’t all about groups, our tools provide the latest technology for all your clients’ needs.

America's Travel Companies


ATC is a member of all nationally recognized travel associations.